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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Approved L-1A New Office Executive (Intracompany Transfer) by JQK Law in only 11 Days!!!

The L-1 non-immigrant classifications is a specially designated Employment/Business based U.S. Immigration Program that allows for the transfer of foreign company Executives, Managers and Specialized Knowledge Employees to a related U.S. based corporate entity.

The L-1 program has many stringent requirements based on the type of employment, the relationship of the foreign and domestic companies, and the history of each company. The recent L-1 approval by the JQK Law Firm was for a newly created U.S. company with an affiliated company in Eastern Europe. The Client/Petitioner requested a transfer of its foreign CEO to a newly established and affiliated U.S. company.

A lot of preparation was required before filing the "L-1A New Office Executive" Petition. However, after the Petition was submitted to USCIS, it was approved in only 11 days!

The JQK Law Firm strives to do as much  preparation as possible on each case before filing to avoid future problems. This also makes it more likely that the Client will receive an approval from USCIS in the shortest time possible after submission.

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