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Monday, December 11, 2017

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N-400 Online Filing - December 11, 2017


Dear Stakeholder, 
Applicants can file Form N-400, Application for Naturalization online through their USCIS online account. When they use the interactive Form N-400, applicants will see questions, alerts, and notifications specific to the answers they provide while completing the form.  Applicants will also see prompts and reminders to upload required evidence. This means each person follows a personalized path for completing the form based on the information that they provide.
By using the online account, applicants will be able to:
  • Update personal information online,
  • Answer optional questions in the Naturalization Eligibility Tool to help determine their eligibility for naturalization,
  • Create, edit, save, or delete a draft application,
  • Upload evidence,
  • Pay any fees and submit the application,
  • View real-time case information and the history of their interactions with USCIS, and,
  • Securely and directly communicate with USCIS about their case. 
Currently, individuals can create a unique, online account and file their Form N-400 online, with only three exceptions. At this time, applicants must submit a paper Form N-400 if:
  • They are applying for citizenship based on having served in the U.S armed forces or based on their current service,
  • They want to apply from outside of the United States, or,
  • They are requesting a fee waiver or reduced fee.
The Form N-400 online application was built based on input we received from community-based organizations and past applicants. Stakeholders from across the United States informed our development process by testing portions of the online form and providing feedback.    
USCIS is also introducing an online naturalization eligibility tool that helps intending applicants determine if they may be eligible to apply for naturalization. This optional tool provides information about the most common eligibility requirements for naturalization.
We encourage you to share this option for an online and interactive filing experience with your clients who are ready to file Form N-400, Application for Naturalization.

Kind regards, 

USCIS Public Engagement Division

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