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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Immigration Bill Not Yet Ready

Senators disagree on how close they are to a deal on immigration

Key senators trying to negotiate an agreement on immigration reform were divided Sunday on how close they are to reaching a consensus on the legislation.
Sens. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), touting a compromise on work visas brokered Friday by union officials and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, predicted that a bipartisan plan could be announced as soon as next week, when the Senate returns from a two-week recess.
But Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), whose support is seen as critical to attract the votes of conservative GOP senators to a comprehensive effort, said that talk of an agreement was “premature.”

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Facebook Founder Supporting Immigration Reform - Skilled Workers

Facebook founder Mr. Zuckerberg and other Corporate giants have been making noise about pushing immigration reform. According to reports: 
"The 28-year-old billionaire is forming a political campaign group that is expected to focus initially on liberalising the US immigration and visa system. 
Mr Zuckerberg, who has previously donated $100 million (£65 million) of his $13 billion fortune to the state school system in his native New Jersey, is said to be ready to use another $20 million on the new venture. 
Work on the group will reunite him with Joe Green, his room-mate at Harvard University, who also went on to be a successful technology entrepreneur.  
The pair are courting other financial backers. Technology firms such as Mr Zuckerberg's social networking giant have complained that America's strict migration controls prevent them from recruiting talented foreigners and overseas graduates." (The Telegraph)

Hopefully their lobbying will help increase the H-1B visas for top level international talent to come and increase US productivity. 

Deferred Action (DACA) Illegal Immigrant Proves Presence Through Video Game Recrods

A young man that was brought into the US at age 1, and won approval of the Obama Administration's new Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (D.A.C.A.) program. (Journal Sentinel) Those approved under this program are allowed to remain in the US for two years without fear of removal, renewable for another 2 years. They are also allowed to get a work permit.

As part of the requirements, 5 years of continuous presence is required int he US.  This can be difficult for those that have been out of school for a period of time and that do not have a work history. An innovative attorney used the Video Games records:

"...So he went to see Milwaukee attorney Davorin Odrcic to apply. 
"He met all of the requirements. He had no criminal record, graduated from high school with honors and lived here since the age of 1," said Odrcic. But to qualify a person also has to prove continuous residency in the country since June 2007. That proved problematic. 
Most can provide high school transcripts, work records, rent receipts, medical records or other documents that provide a paper trail to establish continuous residency, he said. Because Muñoz graduated in 2005 and hadn't worked, he didn't have that documentation for 2007 on. He lived at home and didn't have medical records to back up his residency. 
...[the young immigrant[ had an Xbox Live [Video Game] account and, with it, had downloaded demos and games and communicated with other Xbox users. 
"He sent me the proof of this that had his address, his account information and proof of all the games he had downloaded or purchased since 2007. It worked perfectly to establish that he's been here continuously," Odrcic said. 
Along with the pages and pages of video game records, Muñoz included a notarized affidavit stating that he was including "true and correct copies of my Xbox purchase history."
He was able to get his work permit and finally get a driver's license allowing him to live his work and personal life without fear. 
This wonderful new program gives a breath of fresh air and freedom for many young immigrants that dream to live a full life in the U.S.